Eucalypso's manufacturing facilities

Our Production Process

At Eucalypso, we are huge proponents of transparency. We believe it's important for you to understand our production process and why we place so much focus on sustainability as a company.

We are proud that every aspect of our manufacturing process has met high standards of quality and sustainability. We work with manufacturer that takes powerful measures to nurture their people, the environment, and the future. All the facilities we work with invests in their people and the places a focus on preserving the land and culture around them. We are thankful to work with manufacturers who focus on the people and planet above profit.

The Origin

Our production process starts with natural eucalyptus fibers, harvested from a sustainably grown eucalyptus forest in Austria.

Our products are made in small batches to protect the environment and prevent against environmental degradation. We are patient with the growth of our resources in order to maintain an environmental balance.

Eucalyptus is one of the most environmentally sustainable plants. They are able to grow in even harsh environments and provide an abundance of fibers. For comparison, for 1/10 of the water it takes to grow and manufacturer cotton sheets, we make 10x more eucalyptus sheets.

Our Mills


All our Eucalypso products are milled in Austria, in a partnership with Lenzing Company. Located on the north side of the Attersee near Salzburg, Lenzing is known as a global innovation leader for high-quality fibers made from the renewable raw material wood with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies.

The mills we use are famous for their ecofriendly and sustainable practices. From harvest to production, all the fabrics are made in the most ecofriendly way possible in order to minimize the effect on the environment. They are committed to the concept of circular economy, by recycling and reusing as much as possible.

In our partnership with Lenzing, we are dedicate our innovative spirit and engineering excellence to solutions that make best possible use of our natural source material and preserve our planet’s resources.


Our Manufacturing Facilities


Once the fabrics are finished in Austria, they are shipped to our manufacturers in Pakistan and China for the finishing touches, which includes tailoring and packaging. Our manufacturing facilities are based out of both Pakistan and China (each manufacturer works on different products), with a thriving community of workers who are passionate about the products they make.

We are proud of the work our manufacturers have done for their workers and the community with their focus on the corporate social responsibility initiative. To improve the standard of living in the community, the social responsibility initiative focuses on 4 pillars:

health clinic

adult literacy school

equal employment

women empowerment

Improving People's Lives

The strength of our manufacturers comes from a deeply committed and passionate workforce of more than 6000 people.

We equal opportunity hires, which means that we do not discriminate based on gender, age, or experience. There are structures set up to bring people from all backgrounds up to speed.

We value the health and safety of the workers, with regular first aid and fire safety trainings provided to all employees. We also organize routine health checkups for all employees and their families.

We care about the labor conditions of our workers, thus we have strict standards in place to ensure that all workers are compensated fairly and can take regular breaks. Off the clock, the facilities include a provision of wholesome food and accommodation at subsidized rates.

Protecting The Environment

As always, our core mission is to produce high quality products in the most sustainable way possible. Our manufacturers are devoted to reducing enviromental waste by investing in renewable sources of energy and water conservation.

They have invested in wind mills which contribute to major sources of power for their facilities. Their buildings are designed to save and reuse rain water, and their production methods are designed to reduce waste and runoff.

Empowering the Community

Our manufacturers care a lot of about giving back to the community, so they have set up an adult literacy school for those looking to improve their education. It has become one of the most sought after educational institutions in the region. Created with a vision of transforming the lives of the rural and semi urban communities in the area, the classrooms have the latest education technology and state of the arts facilities.

They also invest in career development for women through training programs and to ensure that women are provided the same opportunities. The Women's Empowerment Program is designed to provide structure for women to achieve an independent mindset, so they can learn to support themselves and create more opportunities in the future.