Deluxe Sleep Bundle


Impact from buying this item

1,429 days of drinking water saved

43 miles of driving emissions avoided

685 sq ft of land farmed without pesticides

All your favorites, in a perfect bundle for a great night of sleep.

Incredibly Soft Sheets

Our best-selling sheet set - luxuriously soft and deliciously smooth, so you feel like you're being cradled by a cloud every night.

Breathable Duvet Cover

Our lightweight and breathable duvet cover comes with hidden buttons and corner ties, making it the perfect companion for your comforter.

Gentle Silky Pillowcases

Our pillowcases are super gentle on the skin -naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so you can wake up with with glowing skin.

Product Features

  1. Woven from Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus fiber
  2. Ultra-smooth fiber is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, mites, and mold
  3. Treated with plant-based, all natural dye
  4. Eucalyptus fiber contains no essential oils and is safe for pets and kids

Product Details

  1. Made from 100% eucalyptus fiber at 600 Thread Count
  2. Includes 1 sheet set that comes with 1 fitted, 1 flat, and 2 pillowcases*
  3. Includes 1 duvet cover that comes with clear hidden closure buttons and 4 corner ties
  4. Includes 2 additional pillowcases that come with envelope closure

*King sets come with King pillowcases - please leave a note at checkout if standard size is preferred

Washing Instructions

Hate doing laundry? We do too. That's why we made our eucalyptus sheets machine washable and super easy to care for!

Wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle

Use a mild detergent

Line dry if possible; otherwise, place in dryer and tumble dry on low

*Unlike many other types of bedding that are made with toxic solvents and chemicals, there is no need to wash your Eucalypso sheets before use – unless that is your preference, of course. We mill and manufacture our sheets with no toxins or damaging chemicals, and only use the cleanest, highest quality materials.









Our goal is to make the most sustainable high quality bedding that is not only good for you, but also good for the planet.

All our products are made with 100% certified TENCEL™ lyocell, and we are the #1 rated TENCEL™ bedding brand. Why is this important?

TENCEL™ sheets have become legendary for their superior quality. It’s important to note here that since TENCEL™ is an incorporated fabric, products need to be labeled as “TENCEL™ Certified” for them to be the real deal.

Most other eucalyptus bedding companies make their products from knockoff lyocell bedding to skirt around the sustainability and quality standards. Be sure to look for the TENCEL™ certification in your eucalyptus bedding, as it is an indicator of both high quality as well as sustainable practices. (Curious about TENCEL™? Read more here).

Better yet - our products are cooler and softer than anything else on the market thanks to our DreamWeave™ technology. We have designed a revolutionary way of weaving our fabrics in a way that allows it to be more cooling, more breathable, and softer than traditional eucalyptus sheets. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1423 reviews
Natalee Foster

I really hate giving a bad review because I was super excited for these sheets and they were amazing when I first got them. I immediately put them on my bed and used them without washing because I couldn’t wait lol. A week after, I finally washed them using the specific instructions given by the company to ensure their quality (cold water, delicate, no heat etc) Immediately after I finished my laundry, I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my sheets. I put them back on my bed and was very disappointed in how they looked and felt only after one wash. They were soft, silky and didn’t glide across my skin or the bed anymore. They felt like normal sheets, and we’re sorta of rough. They are a completely different texture now and it feels like washing them ruined the sheets. I loved them up until this point, and now I’m contemplating buying new sheets again, and just going with the basic silk.

Robert Quinn
Feels Amazing & Skin Improvement

These sheets are extremely soft and comfortable that they’re almost akin to silk. Since sleeping on them, we’ve noticed a decrease in back acne. Would love to see an expansion of colors, like dark green. We ordered the full and it doesn’t quite wrap around our mattress all the way, but we do have an extra firm mattress.

Kendra Campbell
Better than imagined!

Super soft, great size, no nasty smells!


love these sheets: they’re silky soft and cool, beautiful color that hasn’t faded with wash, and I still wash regularly bc cats. The only issue I have is that they attract so much cat hair and lint. I have to vacuum my bed every night before bed. Also, I purchased the king size and they are huge. pockets are super deep but there is a lot of excess fabric. We remedied this by both of us pulling tight on each side and shoving as much as possible under the mattress lol. top sheet is huge too which is good for us not having to fight over coverage, but is annoying when making the bed bc it hangs lower than our comforter

Jessica M.
we love them, hoping they

we love them, hoping they last longer than previous brands I've tried