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Article: In Bed With...Maggie Zhu

In Bed With...Maggie Zhu

In Bed With...Maggie Zhu

Maggie Zhu on the intersection of food & decor

7 June 2023

In Bed With Series

This week, we caught up with Maggie Zhu, a New York City based food and fashion influencer with an extraordinary taste for style, from clothing to decor. She is also the founder of Omnivores Cookbook, an online blog about modern Chinese cooking.

We recently caught up with Maggie to get a sense of what is inspiring her lately and also see how she's styling her Eucalypso sheets in her beautifully designed Brooklyn apartment.

Welcome to Eucalypso's "In Bed With..." series, where we invite you to join us on an exclusive exploration of the creative sanctuaries belonging to our beloved creators, makers, and innovators. Every week, we delve into their personal domains, offering an intimate glimpse into their world. For this instalment, we visit food & fashion influencer Maggie Zhu's stylish Brooklyn apartment.

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn's vibrant culinary scene, the exquisite apartment of renowned food blogger Maggie Zhu reflects both her successful career and her distinct design aesthetic. With a passion for modern Chinese cooking, Asian-inspired dishes, and a penchant for classic recipes with a contemporary twist, Zhu has created an equally captivating home that mirrors her culinary creativity. Step into her abode, and you'll find yourself immersed in a world of minimalism and clean lines, where every detail exudes a sense of tranquility and modern elegance.

Zhu's apartment, tucked away in a charming corner of Brooklyn, instantly captivates visitors with its understated beauty. The open floor plan maximizes the sense of space, allowing natural light to flood the rooms and emphasizing the apartment's minimalist charm. Soft hues dominate the color palette, with soothing shades of white, gray, and earthy tones adorning the walls and furnishings. This deliberate choice creates a serene ambiance, allowing the eye to focus on the carefully curated elements that punctuate the space.

Upon entering the living area, one is greeted by a symphony of clean lines and carefully selected decor. A sleek, contemporary sofa takes center stage, flanked by minimalist side tables adorned with tasteful ceramic vases and abstract sculptures. The absence of clutter draws attention to the exquisite details, such as the intricate patterns of a handwoven rug or the subtle texture of a meticulously crafted throw pillow.

Zhu's kitchen, a focal point of her culinary expertise, seamlessly merges functionality with style. Crisp white cabinets and stainless steel appliances provide a sleek backdrop, while open shelving showcases an array of carefully arranged cookbooks, colorful spices, and unique kitchenware. The space reflects Zhu's philosophy of modern Chinese cooking, emphasizing simplicity, efficiency, and a less labor-intensive approach.

Moving into the bedroom, tranquility envelops you. A minimalist platform bed, adorned with soft Eucalypso sheets and plush pillows, beckons for restful nights. The absence of excessive ornamentation allows the mind to unwind and rejuvenate. Soft, diffused lighting casts a warm glow, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. The overall effect is an oasis of serenity, where Zhu can find solace after a day filled with culinary adventures.

Beyond the interior, Zhu's apartment extends its minimalist charm to the outdoor space, a private sanctuary amidst the bustling city. A cozy terrace, adorned with lush greenery and simple seating arrangements, offers a serene escape where Zhu can unwind, find inspiration, and savor the tranquility of her surroundings.

Maggie Zhu's Brooklyn apartment stands as a testament to her keen eye for design and her dedication to creating a space that aligns with her culinary passions. With its minimalistic elegance, clean lines, and serene ambiance, her home serves as a tranquil retreat in the midst of the bustling city. Just as Zhu's recipes delight the palate with their modern approach, her apartment enchants the senses with its understated beauty. It is a testament to the harmonious relationship between design and lifestyle, where minimalism reigns supreme, and every detail serves a purpose.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration in a multitude of places that shape both my culinary creations and my minimalistic design aesthetic. Firstly, my Chinese heritage plays a significant role in guiding my culinary journey. I draw inspiration from traditional dishes, infusing them with a contemporary twist, and experimenting with vibrant flavors and modern techniques. Exploring local markets, whether in Brooklyn or during my travels, is another wellspring of inspiration. The diverse array of fresh ingredients I encounter sparks my creativity and encourages me to push boundaries, constantly seeking new flavors and combinations.

Beyond the realm of food, I find inspiration in nature's simplicity and the clean lines of modern architecture. The balance and harmony found in minimalist design captivate me and influence both my living space and cooking philosophy. I believe that simplicity can be incredibly powerful, allowing the beauty of each ingredient and element to shine through.

Magazines, Instagram, museums, and travel. Chatting and working on projects with friends also help a lot.


What's your favorite brand right now?

Acne Studio. Their tailoring is unique and they have amazing colors and patterns. They offer quality pieces at a reasonable price.


Please tell us the story of how you got started as a food blogger

I grew up in Beijing and embarked on an exciting journey that led me to the United States in 2015, where I now passionately cook in my American kitchen. It all began in 2007 when I found myself in Japan, immersing myself in the culinary world and falling head over heels for the meticulous nature of Japanese cookbooks. Food has always been an integral part of my life, from the cherished memories of savoring French-influenced Russian delicacies during my upbringing to the serendipitous encounter with my husband, sparked by a discussion on Egyptian cuisine. Today, my mission is to share the richness of authentic Chinese cuisine, unravel the lesser-known regional treasures, and empower others to create mouthwatering dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

What's your favorite thing about being an influencer?

It connects me to interesting people and fun projects. Recently I was interviewed by Lucky Chow, a PBS show about Asian Americans. We mainly talked about my food business, but they found me through the fashion account. It was my first time working with TV people and it was fun.

What's one piece you can't live without?

Wearing my Acne Studio snakeskin boots almost every day. So comfortable that I can walk around in NYC all day long wearing these boots.


What's your decor philosophy?





My decor style can be best described as minimalistic and clean. I believe in the power of simplicity and how it can create a sense of tranquility and harmony in a space. When it comes to my apartment in Brooklyn, I've curated an environment that reflects my culinary creativity and personal aesthetics.
Overall, my decor style embodies the principles of minimalism, cleanliness, and a focus on essential elements. It reflects my belief in the power of simplicity, both in cooking and in design. Through minimalism, I aim to create an environment that nurtures creativity, promotes a sense of calm, and provides a canvas for my culinary adventures to unfold.


What is your favorite thing about cooking?

My favorite thing about cooking is the incredible power it has to bring people together and create meaningful connections. There's something truly special about gathering around a table, sharing delicious food, and enjoying each other's company. I believe that good food has a way of transcending cultural boundaries and fostering a sense of unity.

What is your favorite thing about your Eucalypso sheets?

My favorite thing about my Eucalypso sheets is how they have transformed my sleep experience. I feel like they have improved the overall health of my skin. Before discovering Eucalypso, I struggled with breakouts on my back that often left me feeling self-conscious. However, since incorporating these incredible sheets into my nightly routine, I have noticed a remarkable difference. After sleeping on Eucalypso, my breakouts have significantly diminished, and my skin feels healthier and more balanced.


The soft and luxurious feel of the Eucalypso sheets adds an extra layer of coziness to my bed, making it a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. I appreciate how these sheets go beyond simply providing comfort and contribute to the overall well-being of my skin. Eucalypso has truly become an essential part of my sleep routine, and I couldn't be happier with the positive impact it has had on my skin's health and my overall sleep quality.



Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

What is your bedtime routine?


I don't really have a strict bedtime routine, but I do have some favorite activities that help me wind down and prepare for a restful night's sleep. One thing I love to do is listen to music. It's a soothing and calming way to relax my mind and create a peaceful atmosphere in my bedroom. I often choose soft and melodic tunes that help me unwind and let go of the stresses of the day.

Another activity that I enjoy before bed is reading a book. It's a wonderful way to escape into different worlds, immerse myself in captivating stories, and let my imagination wander. Whether it's a novel, a cookbook, or a self-help book, reading helps me detach from the busyness of the day and enter a state of tranquility.


What is an item you always keep on your nightstand?

Hand lotion. Always put it on my hands before sleep - it's a necessity.

All images courtesy of Maggie Zhu

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