Introducing: The Dream Comforter

We've been working on this soft, fluffy comforter for the past 14 months, testing different density, weight, sewing styles, and weave to create the perfect comforter. We put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this comforter, and we hope you find it as dreamy as we do!

Eucalypso Dream Comforter



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Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Introducing: The Dream Comforter

What does sleeping on the Eucalypso Dream Comforter feel like? Like you're floating on a big cozy marshmallow, being cocooned by airy wisps of cloud. While the koalas dance on surrounding clouds, saying "thank you for helping the earth!"

Oh's all a dream.


You should be getting the best, most restful sleep every night, which means no irritation, hot flashes, sensitives, or discomfort. So we designed the perfect comforter - the Eucalypso Dream Comforter, made from recycled plastic and high-end eucalyptus fibers.

It's so luxuriously soft & cozy, you'll feel like you're sleeping on an airy cloud.

The Dream Comforter is perfectly temperature regulating all year round; cool enough for hot summer nights and warm enough for chilly winters. Its uniquely light, airy, and breathable design prevent night sweats, while its antibacterial & hypoallergenic properties help combat breakouts.

Woven with the same DreamWeave™ Technology we use on all our products - the Dream Comforter is designed to keep you cool and comfy all night (and all year) long.

The best part? It's also environmentally friendly and cruelty free, so you can rest easy all night knowing you're helping the planet while you sleep!

Chosen by Sleep Foundation as one of the best comforter of the year.

Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Dimensions for Fitted Sheet:

  • Twin: 39" x 76" x 16" - (99cm x 193cm x 41cm)

  • Full: 54" x 76" x 16" - (137cm x 193cm x 41cm)
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 16″ - (152cm x 203cm x 41cm)

  • King: 76″ x 80″ x 16″ - (193cm x 203cm x 41cm)

  • California King: 72″ x 84″ x 16″ - (183cm x 214cm x 41cm)

  • Split King: Two 39″ x 80″ x 16″ - (99cm x 203cm x 41cm)

*Fitted sheets will cover "deep pocket" mattresses and can stretch up to 18″ depth 

Dimensions for Flat Sheet:

  • Twin: 71" x 110" - (180cm x 280cm)

  • Full: 87" x 110" - (220cm x 280cm)
  • Queen: 95″ x 110" - (240cm x 280cm)

  • King: 106″ x 110″ - (270cm x 280cm)

  • California King: 106″ x 110″ - (270cm x 280cm)

  • Split King: 106″ x 110″ - (270cm x 280cm)

Dimensions for Pillow Cases:

  • Standard: 20″ x 29″ - (51cm x 72cm)

  • King Size: 20″ x 39″ - (51cm x 97cm)

Dimensions for Duvet Covers:

  • Full/Queen: 90″ x 94 - (229cm x 239cm)

  • King/Cal-King: 104″ x 94″ - (265cm x 239cm)

Dimensions for Comforters:

  • Full/Queen: 90″ x 94 - (229cm x 239cm)

  • King/Cal-King: 104″ x 94″ - (265cm x 239cm)

Dimensions for Crib Sheets:

  • Standard: 28″ x 52″ x 8″ - (71cm x 132cm x 20cm)

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Impact from buying this item

1834 days of drinking water saved

47 miles of driving emissions avoided

312 sq ft of land farmed without pesticides

Whether you're a hot or cold sleeper, our Dream Comforter will keep you comfy all night long

Cooling Eucalyptus Shell

So goodbye to night sweats! Our comforter is made with a cooling, breathable eucalyptus Tencel shell that'll help reduce heat and wick moisture.

Fluffy Cloud-like Filling

For the perfect cloud-like texture, our comforter is filled with an ultra ecofriendly eucalyptus polyfill blend to stay fluffy & regulate temperature.

= One Dreamy Comforter

Did we mention that our comforter is super sustainably made, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin? It's truly a dream come true!

Product Features

  1. Outer shell is woven from 100% Oeko-Tex certified eucalyptus fiber from TENCEL
  2. Inner filling is made from a blend of soft lyocell & recycled polyfill for maximum breathability
  3. Our fabric is naturally temperature regulating, perfect for both hot and cold sleepers
  4. Eucalyptus fiber contains no essential oils and is safe for pets and kids

Product Details

  1. Made from 100% eucalyptus fiber at 600 Thread Count and recycled polyfill
  2. Perfectly temperature regulating for both hot and cold sleepers
  3. Ultra breathable, cool to the touch, & won't trap heat
  4. Designed to fit standard sized comforters/duvet covers (view our size guide)

Washing Instructions

Hate doing laundry? We do too. That's why we made our eucalyptus sheets machine washable and super easy to care for!

For best results, spot clean as needed

Machine washable and dry clean optional (but recommended every 3 months)

Use of Duvet Cover recommended - duvet covers are machine washable



What makes Eucalypso so unique? Introducing our DreamWeave™ Technology - a proprietary method of treating that eucalyptus fabric, making it silkier and cooler to the touch. Designed to help regulate body temperature and help sooth sensitive skin.

You'll notice an immediate difference with our DreamWeave™ technology - our sheets are noticeably softer, gentler on the skin, and cool to the touch.










Our goal is to make the most sustainable high quality bedding that is not only good for you, but also good for the planet.

All our products are made with 100% certified TENCEL™ lyocell, and we are the #1 rated TENCEL™ bedding brand. Why is this important?

TENCEL™ sheets have become legendary for their superior quality. It’s important to note here that since TENCEL™ is an incorporated fabric, products need to be labeled as “TENCEL™ Certified” for them to be the real deal.

Most other eucalyptus bedding companies make their products from knockoff lyocell bedding to skirt around the sustainability and quality standards. Be sure to look for the TENCEL™ certification in your eucalyptus bedding, as it is an indicator of both high quality as well as sustainable practices. (Curious about TENCEL™? Read more here).

Better yet - our products are cooler and softer than anything else on the market thanks to our DreamWeave™ technology. We have designed a revolutionary way of weaving our fabrics in a way that allows it to be more cooling, more breathable, and softer than traditional eucalyptus sheets. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!