How Eucalyptus Sheets Help with Acne and Bacne

How Eucalyptus Sheets Help with Acne and Bacne

Author Britney Guo / Published: Aug-05-2022

If this were a classic blog article about skincare, we would jump the gun and go straight into what products to lather on your face and body to “clear acne”. But we don’t believe in quick fixes and impulsive marketing, because those blog articles don’t go into enough detail about preventing acne, and how to realistically tackle it without an overload of acne products. What is especially overlooked in the skincare industry is the importance of rest and the bedding in which you (hopefully) spend at least 7 hours a night in.

Big skincare brands won’t make any money if they told you that a huge part of healthy skin comes from the quality of bedding you envelope yourself in every night. As a skincare guru from the bedding world, Eucalypso is here to speak an often covered truth about the importance of the sleep space in achieving and maintaining healthy, clear skin.

The Basics: Acne & Skincare

We know the skin as the body’s largest organ, and it’s also our protector against germs, injuries, heat, and much more. Our skin greatly influences how we are perceived by the rest of the world around us, so it makes a lot of sense to give it the proper TLC it deserves. The skin is strong and durable against dirt and scrapes but also very vulnerable to uncontrollable factors like air pollution.

The skin is significant because it covers your entire body from head to toe, but that also means that you could actually get acne almost anywhere which makes the skin seem not as pleasant. The most common places for acne to develop are on the face, back, neck, chest, and shoulders which makes the bed sheets you use important for your skin.

Facial Acne

Let’s talk about one of the worst places to get acne: the face. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you, so it absolutely sucks to showcase a red, inflamed bump for the day. What causes acne though? We hear this buzz of clogged pores a lot but don’t overlook the fact that acne is also caused by bacteria which transfers commonly through contact.

You might be thinking… “Well it’s not like I stick my face against every surface I touch in a day.” However, think about the 7 hours your face is pressed into your pillow as you toss around throughout the night. It’s the prime time for bacteria to breed as you experience a hot flash in the middle of the night, forget to properly wash your face after a long day, or maybe a little drool escapes out the corner of your mouth (we’ve been there, done that).

A Solution: Sleep Your Way to Better Skin


You might think we’ve covered all the bases on acne, but the reality is far from that. The acne that makes unwelcome appearances on the rest of your body deserves just as much attention as your face. Another common place for acne is actually right behind you… your back. Back acne, otherwise known by its not so fabulous nickname ‘bacne,’ is one of the not so glamorous parts of life that stands as the elephant in the room. People love to talk about skin care and treating acne for the face but tend to quiet down when body acne comes up. At Eucalypso however, we recognize the fact that there is significantly more skin on your back, and how bacne can be a regular struggle or summer flare up with the longer, hotter days. Paying attention to the skin on our backs can be difficult as we quite literally turn our backs on it the entire day. This can lead to neglected skin and opens up the possibility of bacne breakouts.

The skin on our backs is extremely thick, so our backs are unfortunately more prone to blocked pores and breakouts without the proper care. We might sleep with a clean silk pillowcase to keep our face soft and clear, but that doesn’t help the rest of the body that’s likely rolling around in bacteria-ridden sheets for a third of the day. Bacne is an incredibly common, yet overlooked, skincare problem that can be easily preventable if you just give your skin the proper time of d

The Importance of the Sheet

Before you climb back into bed to end just another day, make sure to check out what kind of bedding you’re getting into because it may just end up undoing all the effort you put into your nighttime routine. It’s very likely that you or someone close to you owns a set of cotton sheets, however, they are a major red flag when it comes to cleanliness because cotton is really great at trapping heat. This creates an incubator effect at night when you’re trying to get your beauty sleep but you start tossing and turning because it’s too hot and the night sweats have started. The sweat and bacteria that leave your skin at night then get trapped in the sheets and lead to further bacteria breeding in your bedding even when you leave for work the next day.

Eucalypso to the Rescue

Don’t worry though because we’ve got you covered. To combat the cons with cotton, we created the #1 rated TENCEL™ bedding brand—Eucalypso.

We use 100% TENCEL™ lyocell to weave our sheets which give it their antibacterial, antifungal, cooling, and breathable properties. Night sweats and hot flashes are out of the question when you’re sleeping with Eucalypso, and know that we are looking out for your beautiful skin.

Whether you are looking for the softest sheets ever, sheets for sensitive skin, cleaner sheets, low maintenance sheets, or cooling sheets, we’re here for you. Break up with those misleading cotton sheets, and get in bed with us to keep breakouts at bay and have some of your best nights ever. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can forget to wash your sheets for a month. It’s equally as important to also remember to wash your bedding at least once or twice a week to remove any bacteria and dead skin cell build up on the sheets that would otherwise clog your pores.

Love, Eucalypso

Acne and blemishes almost always feel like the end of the world, ruining an otherwise normal day. Instead of thinking of acne as a punishment from your skin, recognize that it’s actually just a small cry for help and attention. It’s most definitely not the end of the world because your skin is so resilient, and with a little more TLC it can bounce back glowy and healthy. The saying of “your body is a temple” is cliche but important! We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that sometimes it really is hard to give yourself a little more space to breathe and relax. We definitely understood that as we founded Eucalypso, and so we created a company to help people relax and get better rest behind the scenes during some of the most vulnerable times—while asleep.

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