These Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus Sheets Changed the Way I Sleep


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They're vegan, non-toxic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, sustainably made, budget-friendly, great for hair and skin and super soft! I took eucalyptus sheets for a spin.

I'm always hot. Even in the dead of winter, I keep my bedroom window cracked all night, tossing, turning, sweating and cursing the radiator beside my bed that (loudly) blasts heat into the air every other hour. So, when eucalyptus sheets — the budget-friendly, sustainable alternative to silk/cotton sheets — came onto the scene I was intrigued. Could these mysterious, temperature-regulating sheets be the answer to all my problems?

In short, YES. Eucalypso Home's eucalyptus sheets changed my entire sleeping game.

What are eucalyptus sheets?


The difference between eucalyptus and silk sheets is pretty simple. Besides the fact that they're so soft, Eucalypso's sheets are made with Tencel fibers that come from eucalyptus trees, which just so happen to be organic and environmentally responsible. Fact: Silk sheets are usually neither. The best difference? The price tag. I jumped on the chance to use sheets that feel like silk for less cash.

First Impressions



But let's backtrack. My Eucalypso Home classic sheet set arrived in the usual packing box, which I promptly ripped open to reveal a Eucalypso tote bag covered in a cute terrazzo print. The packaging gets a 10/10. Plus, I will 100 percent be reusing the tote. Inside, my eucalyptus sheets were waiting for me.

The Sleeping Test

With haste, I unfolded the sheets and let the cool, supple fabric melt over my hands. The breathable material was definitely light but still silkily luxurious. The sheets were truly gleaming as if the sleep gods themselves were shining approval down upon me. I threw them in the washing machine, left them out to air dry (as suggested for maximum softness) and slipped them onto my mattress and pillows. That night, I felt like I was floating on a crisp, silky cloud, swimming in a sea of smooth, gentle waves. With my cheek lightly pressed against my new dreamy pillowcase, I fell asleep without a hitch. I slept through the night, cool as the pillow I lay my head on, and when I woke up, I was in love.

The Verdict

So here it is: These sheets are soft (really soft), comfortable (really comfortable) and an affordable, totally sustainable alternative to ever-popular silk sheets. Prices range from $159 (twin) to $199 (king), and each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

Plus, they tout tons of skin benefits. Ever wake up in the morning with an out-of-nowhere pimple? It could be from your cotton sheets. The fibers in cotton trap heat and bacteria causing breakouts, which I think we could all do without. The fibers in eucalyptus bedding, though, are 70-percent more breathable than cotton, so you're less likely to wake up with blemishes. I didn't notice much change in my skin after two weeks of sleeping on these sheets, but I didn't have any new breakouts. And for someone who's acne-prone, this felt like a big win.

In short, YES. Eucalypso Home's eucalyptus tencel lyocell sheet set changed my entire sleeping game.

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