Eucalypso - the perfect allergy-free eucalyptus sheets

Wondering if eucalyptus sheets are safe for your dog? Toxic for you cat? Safe for people with allergies? Our eucalyptus sheets are perfectly safe for all humans and pets, even those with severe allergies and sensitivities. Read on to see how Eucalypso can help your allergies.
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How Eucalyptus Sheets Help with Acne and Bacne

Struggling with Acne or Bacne? A good skincare system is only the start. Did you know that eucalyptus sheets can help banish breakouts? Learn how Eucalypso's eucalyptus sheets can help combat breakouts on the skin and body, and TENCEL made from eucalyptus fibers is actually the best fabric for sensitive and breakout prone skin.
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Experiencing hot flashes? Eucalyptus sheets can help.

If you're experiencing hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause, you're likely looking for a cooling relief at night. Here's how eucalyptus sheets, which are moisture wicking and cooling, can help combat these hot, sweaty symptoms of menopause.
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