These days, brands are always promoting "sustainability", "natural", and "ecofriendliness." With all this buzz, what are you supposed to believe?

That's why we're cutting through all that marketing speak and presenting you with some hard facts. Keep scrolling to see how we (that's Eucalypso AND you) can take a part in the global sustainability efforts.




Real talk: cotton is considered one of the world’s dirtiest and thirstiest crops. Although only 2.4% of the world's cropland is planted with cotton, it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market and 11% of the sale of global pesticides.

Cotton production is also extremely damaging to the environment. The runoff from cotton production also harms contaminates rivers, lakes, and aquifers, which affects the long term biodiversity of the land.



Don’t worry, where there are problems, there are solutions. By choosing more earth friendly fibers and making better choices across the supply chain, we can conserve more natural resources and prevent further environmental degradation.

The materials and production process we have implemented are helping reduce waste creation, combat pollution, and provide more renewable resources all while giving you the best sustainable bedding.




Over 8000 different chemicals are used to produce, dye and finish the textiles that make cotton sheets - that equates to 43 million tons of chemicals each year.


Chemicals used in textile production have known effects on human and environmental health - but are still regularly used in cotton (and sometimes bamboo) production process.



Only a fraction of all textile-related substances have undergone toxicity testing. Some are known carcinogens [read: cancer-causing] can extremely harmful to human health. What goes into many of these chemicals are protected by “Trade Secrets” and can’t be properly tested for human safety.


20% of industrial wastewater pollution worldwide originates from the cotton industry. This causes water pollution, which impacts drinking, bathing, and can cause terminal illnesses in communities. Furthermore, it also harms wildlife dependent on the water source.





TENCEL™ lyocell is one of the best sustainable bedding materials today. For less than 1/10 of the water it takes to grow cotton, our fields yield 10x more eucalyptus per acre. Our fabrics are milled with high eco-standards, created a closed-loop system that helps to minimize waste.

Here are a few reasons we love TENCEL™ lyocell derived from eucalyptus wood pulp:


With no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers - it’s regenerative and safe for the earth


Created in a closed loop process where 99% of water & solvents are reused and recycled


It actually absorbs carbon from the environment - ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions


Our certified organic cotton supply chain uses only Oeko-Tex certified dyes in processing - which means zero toxic chemicals in production



Our Factories

Our Ethical Approach

When we first started Eucalypso, we spend months searching for the best factories around the world—the same ones that produce your favorite designer bedding labels.

We wanted to only work with mills and manufacturers that believed in sustainability and safe working conditions. Our core values were strong, and we wanted to make sure that whoever we worked with believed in the same things.

After our long search, we found partners who took care of their workers and has strong sustainability practices. We visit them often and have since built very strong relationships with the owners and workers. Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and safe environmental practices.



No Middleman. No Markups. Only Fair Prices.

Our Prices


Transparency is at the core of what we do. We believe our customers have a right to know the cost of their bedding.

Our direct-to-consumer approach has allowed us to offer the lowest prices for the highest quality bedding. We've cut out the middleman, so we can offer the best eucalyptus sheets for a fraction of the price and environmental impact.


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Social Responsibility

We promote social wellbeing - Inspired by environmental protectionism, we always work to maintain the balance of People, Planet, and Profit. We are always working to improving the ecological value chains through developing innovative products.

The guiding light to Eucalypso's company practices is our goal to positively impact people’s life and to preserve a world worth living in.

We donate a portion of our earnings every quarter to a fund of choice.





The strength of our manufacturers comes from a deeply committed and passionate workforce.

We believe in equal opportunity hiring, which means that we do not discriminate based on gender, age, or experience. There are structures set up to bring people from all backgrounds up to speed.

We care about the labor conditions of our workers, thus we have strict standards in place to ensure that all workers are compensated fairly and can take regular breaks. Off the clock, the facilities include a provision of wholesome food and accommodation at subsidized rates.



As always, our core mission is to produce high quality products in the most sustainable way possible. Our manufacturers are devoted to reducing enviromental waste by investing in renewable sources of energy and water conservation.

They have invested in wind mills which contribute to major sources of power for their facilities. Their buildings are designed to save and reuse rain water, and their production methods are designed to reduce waste and runoff.



Our manufacturers care a lot of about giving back to the community, so they have set up an adult literacy school for those looking to improve their education. Created with a vision of transforming the lives of the rural and semi urban communities in the area, the classrooms have the latest education technology and state of the arts facilities.

They also invest in career development for women through training programs and to ensure that women are provided the same opportunities. The Women's Empowerment Program is designed to provide structure for women to achieve an independent mindset, so they can learn to support themselves and create more opportunities in the future.