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The sheets are cool and soft. They are very comfortable to sleep on and I would recommend them for most people.

Meh for the price

These sheets may (?) be cooler than a cheapo set from target, but is there a big enough discernable difference in quality to merit the cost? I cannot speak to the sustainability of the product, which I know may be the incentive for many purchasers. What I can say is that they are quite thin, the seams are a single stitch, and they began to pill after the first wash. To summarize, meh.


They are so nice! No disappointment at all. Sleep so comfy!!💚


I loved the softness of the sheets so much.
I had the most comfortable sleep, the sheets did their job. Thanks 😊

Best sheets Ive used

These sheets are just the type Ive been looking for. Theyre so smooth and keeps me cool that Ive never slept better. Makes me feel so rested the next day!!


So soft and luxurious

Absolutely love our Eucalypso sheets. They’re so soft and cool it’s perfect for the summer

Eucalyptus Silk TENCEL Pillowcase Set

5 star's love the sheets

My husband is always hot at night and he hasn't been hot since we put these sheets on our bed. Love these sheets. Thank you

Pros and cons

There’s pros and cons to everything. These are the best sheets I’ve ever slept in, but now I never want to get out of bed! I absolutely love them from color to feel. Highly recommend

Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

Soft nights sleep

I had a very soft comfortable sleep. They washed up perfectly.

Heavenly Eucalyptus TENCEL Duvet Cover

Still have not received my order

I'd love to review the sheets I purchased, I was excited for them to be delivered...but I'm still waiting. When I check the UPS site it says that the label has been created but that's it and it provides no delivery date or any indication of when I'll get the delivery.

Perfect texture

Incredibly comfortable and cool. The sheets are silky and soft without sacrificing durability.

Like sleeping in a cloud!

These sheets are my new favorite, and are absolutely worth the price. They are great quality, super soft, and cool enough for the warm summer months. Plus the colors are gorgeous 😉


I was so happy with my purchase of the Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set.
The sheets have a delightfully soft, silky feel to them & are of a perfect weight!

Family happy!

I bought a set for everyone in the house! My 3 year old gets in every night and wraps herself in and rolls in them, my curtains are so cozy! (Yes she calls them curtains lol). Sheets are soft and cooling, reminds me of that feeling as a kid, when you get in fresh washed sheets in the summer and it feels cozy and refreshing some how! I’ve washed once now and still feels the same. Family is pleased!

Excellent, soft sheets!

Life Changing!!

Where to start! I never knew what a difference sheets could make in my quality of sleep. But these sheets are such a game changer. I think my husband described it best when he said other sheets feel like they’re fighting you. These feel like a silky, smooth hug. I cannot say enough about how wonderful they feel!


I love my duvet cover! The color is beautiful and it’s so nice and cool for a hot sleeper

Much better than cotton sheets

These were less than traditional linen sheets and way better than the cotton ones I'm used to. These are a great balance between both. The scrunchie, loose nature of the sheets is similar to linen and very comfortable.

Eucalyptus Silk TENCEL Pillowcase Set

In love! Feels like sleeping at a fancy hotel every night.

Best sheets ever!

These sheets are the softest,most comfortable I've ever owned. Cool at night especially in this extreme heat. Love the dark grey color. Worth every penny.