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I think it’s alright

Compared to cotton, this doesn’t leave my hair severely dry and frizzy.

Great quality

Very soft & smooth. Great quality for the price, never knew bamboo silk was this soft!

Soft but slippery

Actually these are very comfortable sheets to sleep on, but, because they are slippery, the top sheet is often pulled out each morning. I do like the elastic on the bottom sheet - helps keep it in place.

Nothing compares

Have slept on many different types of sheets, cotton, satin, bamboo, different threads. Nothing softer, cooler or more comfortable that eucalyptus.

Eucalypso Clasic Sheets

Last night was the first time we used these sheets and it felt like heaven!!!!!!!!! We are buying more!!!


My boyfriend hated the feeling of super silky pillows, but loves this one! It's the perfect texture for me too!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Elizabeth Thompson
Cooling but slip off the mattress

They are nice and cooling but don't stay on the mattress. I may sew elastic straps on (I have a competitor's fitted sheet with them) so they stay on the mattress better.


I love the softness of these pillowcases. However, a cold water wash, line dry and ironing of pillowcases is a little above and beyond what I am looking for.

It’s like sleeping on clouds

The softest, most luxurious sheets I’ve ever slept on! I’m a hot sleeper but these sheets regulate my body temperature and I love that!

Soft & smooth & comfy

Love them.
Feels so good.
Looks great.

Comfy soft sheets!

Dream Sheets

I love them. So soft to sleep on

AMAZING sheets

Do what they claim to do, keep me cool as I sleep. No more waking up soaking wet from night sweats. Well worth the money spent. Very silky feeling

I never want to leave my bed

The sheets are beyond soft my boyfriend and I are obsessed
Sadly my hot sleeping crazy self still sweats a little but it’s so much less than what it used to be!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

Its a good product, but not for me

The sheets are indeed soft, but would not buy again. Id like for these sets to be available without a flat sheet given how pricey they are. Also I live in an apt w coin laundry so the separate wash is both costly and cumbersome, nowhere to hang anything to dry.

Absolutely the best sheets!

I LOVE these sheets! Expensive but you get what you pay for. I have a better night sleep when I’m sleeping on Eucalypso sheets. Highly recommend!

Itchy snd color is off not as on website

Itchy: could not sleep. Had to remove.
Color is very birght apricot: not noush as on website.

Best cooling sheets!

I noticed I was sleeping hot and decided to buy these sheets to help that and my skin and I love them. They are soft but cool and so relaxing! Definitely worth it!

Duvet Cover

I love the silk duvet cover we bought! Absolutely beautiful and it fits our bed perfectly! Would purchase again.

Sheets feel great!

Silky soft!

Best sheets I have owned, they are silky soft and adjust to your body’s temperature. So confortable even my husband loved it. I am so happy with my purchase. I totally recommend!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Lauri Mazzuchetti

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

Great sheets for the money.

My only complaint is that they are so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and I find myself looking for excuses to take a nap during the day!

Do you want a cool to the touch, non itchy snuggly body hug all night?

Look no more , this is the bedding you want and need . Only thing missing is a pillow to go with the entire set. Ive never felt so pampered sleeping in my bed. The best sleep ive had in years. I was skepical about the claim of being non itchy, but ive had none since i started using this bedding . I couldnt be happier , except with a new pillow from them also. Thanks, Eucalypso. Many hearts...