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Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

I love the feel of these sheets!! Probably the best purchase I've made in awhile!

Best sheets ever!

Super comfortable, easy to use, and extremely breathable. I do not get hot whatsoever, and are super soft!

Cooling and Comfortable

Our bed feels so luxurious and soft. I can't wait to get into bed every night. I sleep very hot and haven't had issues with bedsheets feeling damp. Treat yourself, hotties.

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Kimberlyn Viertel
Absolutely Incredible

Best sheets, was hesitant because of the price but wow, i feel like I’m sleeping on a soft cloudy of silkyness. Would definitely recommend 10/10

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set


I love them! Silky & smooth, but also very cool. The sheets and comforter blend really well together and of course the pillow cases are nice and cool. Definitely recommend

Best product ever

Soft, light weight, cool and luxurious

Love my eucalypso

Awesome pillow cases I just ordered the sheet set and now I will have great sleep, away from bed bugs. My skin feels better.

The best sheets I've had

Not only are they super comfortable and soft (like cloud level soft) they are actually cooling. We had cotton sheets that were so warming and I would wake up overheated every night. With these sheets I am so excited to go to sleep and know I won't overheat.

incredibly soft

most comfortable sheets ever


I love how cool and soft the material is, it’s really nice quality. I’ve tried bamboo and cotton, this definitely is sweat proof .
I’ve only had it for a couple weeks, just be aware it’s does not feel snug on my king and is pretty wrinkled

Very pretty

They are beautiful sheets. A little shinier than I thought. Fits deep mattresses well

Incredibly soft

Very comfortable

Affordable silk like sheet set.
Check it out at


“Super. Love them

Super Awesome!

I LOVE these new sheets! They are silly and cool to the touch. Definitely worth it.

Excellent Sheets!

Beautiful sheets with a luxurious look and feel. We are so happy with our sheets!

Love these sheets

I have horrible eczema and these have been a big relief to help me sleep. My only issue is that they stain. I've only tried spot remover so far so hopefully it comes out in the wash.

Love these sheets!

I always get hot when I sleep and with summer coming in full swing where I am, I was worried about sleeping comfortably, but these sheets are awesome! They keep me cool, even with a comforter, and they are very soft. They do wrinkle easily, but I never have them on full display, so it’s not a problem. I think they are worth the price as purchasing them made me feel sustainable, supportive of small business, and fancy with my new silky sheets.

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Lynette Pinkerton
Soooo comfortable and cool

Love them!! I’m a little worried they seem thin compared to my tencel temper-pedic set I got with my bed three years ago. Love that they have the strap to keep them on my adjustable bed. I really hope they last!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Facebook-Redacted Last Name
Where has this been all my life!!

I love how this keep you cool every night. Perfect for FL heat.

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

I love these sheets!

These are the best sheets I’ve ever slept on. They are so soft and I don’t overheat in them. They are also so pretty and really elevate my room. Plus the customer service is amazing! Highly recommend getting them. :)


I still need to return this full set. I need a Queen. There Is no way where I can ship this back and either get my money or different size.


I've been sleeping on cotton sheets my entire life and was nervous to switch to silk due to the texture.. but I could not be more in love with these sheets! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!