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Great color and super soft!

A lot softer than my baby’s other crib sheets!

Good quality and soft for my baby’s skin!

Great comforter. Definitely holds in body heat.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this comforter. I would haven given it a five star review, but I wake up in the middle of the night sweating because the comforter holds in body heat well. I didn’t have this problem before this comforter.

not just a want, but a NEED

To say how obsessed I am with these sheets, would be an understatement. I have used my fair share of high quality sheets before, but I love how soft, cool and luxurious my Eucalypso sheets feel.

I highly recommend for you to get these sheets for not only yourself, but all your loved ones. This is THE holiday gift that will not disappoint.

THE BEST SHEETS EVER - Classic sheet set

I’m love these sheets and so does my boyfriend! We refuse to sleep on any other sheet!!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Giuliana Gonzalez

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

Don't look back - BUY THESE SHEETS!

Lightweight, oil resistant, and feels great to sleep in! I love the colors, but I would recommend against blush pink as it is a little see-through and the pink is barely noticeable. However, they do have the full colored pink as well, so definitely opt out for the better color choice. Perfect sheets.

I ordered the light blue sheet set. Oh my gosh. They are the best sheets ever. Soft and cooling. Love them. I just ordered another set in the green. Thank you!


These sheets are incredibly soft and silky. The fitted sheet did come with a rip in the corner where the tag is attached and a small fray in a part of the stitching but overall it's minimal and the quality elsewhere was worth the cost. The sheets for my queen bed are a little loose and large however there are sheet tighteners on Amazon I'm sure would work well to keep it tight if you like.

Look and feel amazing!

I bought the sheets, duvet cover, and extra set of pillow cases. Incredibly comfortable.


The quality is excellent, however even the king size are too small for my sleepybo pillow so I have just been draping one over the pillow. Since there are two I may cut them and turn them into once larger one.

love that Tencel!!

wonderful, soft and silky - the color is not what I would call light blue - more like a sage green/blue - and I love the color by the way!!

Eucalypso Pillowcase Set
William Mulvehill
pillow case

Is it like laying your head on a Cloud

We love them

These are our favorite of the bamboo brand sheets so far. They feel very luxurious for a great price. They are thin, cool, and silky but still nice in the wintertime too. We love them and will likely be picking up another set.


There's nothing to improve this is the best thing I can sleep in

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

We love them

Nice and cool, no odor, my husband loves them! I also feel like they have been better for my hair and skin!

Better than I expected!

The softness and suppleness is unmatched. I have allergies and this has been a godsend and made with all natural fibers, NO SYNTHETICS or poly blend BS. I’m so happy I found this company 🤍

These should come with a warning

Love these…they should come with a Warning: only dress your bed if you are able to sleep in tomorrow. They are so comfy I didn’t want to wake up and get out of bed. Helped with the temperature in my bed!

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

SO Soft!

These are the nicest sheets I've ever slept on. Not silk, but so soft and buttery feeling. Wonderful sheets...

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
William Mulvehill

The only thing I can think of is wow


these sheet are both beautiful and comfortable. so soft and almost liquid a they touch the skin. they are the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept in you can bet that I am culling my old linens and saving up to buy another set of these!!

Sheet set

Tried these sheets out, didn’t really like them. Got dirty very easily just from sleeping. Doesn’t feel very hygenice. Tried to return but return window is to small that I barely had them before I could choose to return them. Now I’m out 200$

Super comfortable sheets!

These sheets are a dream! So comfortable and silky. I love eucalyptus and bamboo sheets. Good eucalyptus sheets are hard to find. You never know what your going to get. These are the real deal. The color is stunning as well. We got these with some money that was gifted to us for our wedding. Best wedding gift we got! ❤️