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Ever wondered about giving your bed sheets an upgrade that you’ll actually be able to feel and notice? If yes, you’ve come to the right spot. If no, you’re still in the right place because you really should be considering upgrades to your sleep.

With sustainable and eco-conscious consumerism on the rise, cotton bedsheets are a hard no-go for the eco-friendly consumer. But, what exactly do you need to look for if cotton sheets are off the table (that’s like 60% of the options at your local Target disqualified). The answer is simpler than you’d think. You don’t need fancy, wallet-breaking silk sheets to feel good about your sleep, nor do you need to buy any name brand sheets. When it comes to bedding, it’s less about who made the sheets, and more about what the sheets are made of.


Tencel is made of cellulose fibers from sustainably farmed wood sources including eucalyptus trees (so no need to worry about the koalas or resource depletion). Eucalyptus wood is harvested, broken into pulp, dissolved in solvent, and then pushed through an extruder to form the fabric’s fibers. This whole process is what allows us to turn a tree into bed sheets that you can sleep comfortably in. In general, cellulosic fabrics are breathable, comfortable, and very soft in comparison to other natural cellulosic fibers like cotton and flax (linen). In recent years, it’s now much more common to find garments made of Tencel lyocell, but Tencel veterans know that the best way to enjoy Tencel is in the form of bedding. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the benefits of Tencel lyocell, aka eucalyptus sheets:


Tencel is naturally cool to the touch, and is temperature regulating–making it perfect for use in the bedroom since our bodies can often experience hot flashes in the middle of the night. Instead of waking up to sweaty sheets and having to kick them off, Tencel sheets will keep you cool throughout the night so you can easily sleep through until morning without breaking a sweat. These sheets are perfect for hot sleepers or sleepers who frequently experience hot flashes.


Tencel is x3 more breathable and 70% more moisture-wicking than cotton, making it the superior choice to regular old cotton. Tencel fibers are woven to allow airflow and reduce moisture, making them a dependable sheet that won’t make you feel suffocated at night. Because of their cooling properties, Tencel sheets are especially ideal for hot summers and sleepers living in hot areas.

Antibacterial & Hygienic

Since Tencel is highly breathable and cooling, it’s able to manage moisture and prevent bacteria growth. As we know, bacteria grows best in humid environments which is why Tencel is designed to stay cool and dry–preventing unwanted bacteria from growing between your bed and sheets. Additionally, since it’s harder for bacteria to grow on Tencel sheets, your bedding actually stays cleaner for longer. So waiting an extra day or two to do your laundry won’t hurt.

Strong & Durable

For how soft and silky Tencel is, it’s also just as strong and durable. With Tencel, you don’t have to worry about your sheets shrinking or losing their shape since the fabric has such high-wet strength. You can launder your sheets worry free because they’ll be just as silky feeling and looking after every wash. Tencel has truly been a major breakthrough in the textile industry with its soft, silky texture and sheen paired with high durability–making Tencel a fabric that will last for as long as you love it.


Tencel sheets are smooth and have a little slip to them. This makes them feel amazing against bare skin, but also ensures no static charge is going to build up as you’re relaxing in bed. The last thing you’d want before drifting into sleep is to literally be jolted awake by a static shock. With Tencel, feel free to wiggle around all you want as you try and find the perfect sleeping position for the night.

Soft as a Cloud

Tencel is the vegan silk of the modern day. It’s 100% and cruelty free, making it a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional silk–it’s even often coined as “eucalyptus silk.” It’s also way more affordable than silk, but feels just as breathable, light, and cooling–making it a true super fabric. For reference, Tencel is x2 as soft as cotton, and will feel as soft as a cloud.

Silky hair and Skin

Like silk, Tencel is also complimented for its super powers in preventing overnight breakouts, and smoothing frizzy hair. With Tencel’s antibacterial properties, it’s the perfect fabric for pillowcases to prevent bacteria from hiding on your pillows at night. With Tencel you can finally say goodbye to non-flattering sleep wrinkles in the morning.

Sustainable & eco friendly

Beyond feeling amazing, Tencel is created in a revolutionary way where 99.9% of the water and organic solvent used to treat the eucalyptus wood are recycled in the production process. Tencel sheets at Eucalypso are also created in small batches to prevent environmental degradation and maintain quality control. Tencel sheets are also biodegradable, so they won’t waste away in a landfill at the end of their lifecycle.

Dreamweave™ Technology

If you’re shopping for the perfect Tencel sheet, make sure to check out Eucalypso and our proprietary method of spinning fabric which makes it silkier and cooler to the touch. Designed to better help regulate body temperature and soothe sensitive skin, and perfect for sleepers who want to clear up their acne, bacne, or calm their eczema. This DreamWeave™ tech can be found only at Eucalypso, and it’s definitely not something you want to miss.

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