Bring the Outdoors In: 5 Tips to Introduce Exterior Elements Into Your Bedroom Design

Bring the Outdoors In: 5 Tips to Introduce Exterior Elements Into Your Bedroom Design

Author Lilly Miller / Published: Jun-02-2022

We could all use a little more nature in our everyday lives, but oftentimes it’s difficult to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, or to imbue our living environment with that distinct outdoor charm. If you could sleep carelessly under the stars every once in a while, you would have the most restful sleep of your life, but if that’s not a possibility, don’t worry, you can bring the outdoors into your bedroom design to create a truly restorative setting.

If you’re not sure where to begin searching for exterior inspiration for your interior design, look no further. To help create the right balance of that indoor-outdoor look and feel, you can easily limit yourself to the suggestions listed here. They are unique in retaining a distinct modern approach to making the most of your bedroom space without causing any clutter, and they allow you to discover authentic, nature-inspired ways to cherish your sleep area. Here’s what you can do!

Choose ecofriendly sheets derived from sustainable fibers

Simply put, koalas know what’s up, so we can take a note or two from them in terms of our own appreciation of Mother Nature. The essential oil from eucalyptus trees is incredibly soothing, but the pulp from eucalyptus has another healthful purpose for the bedroom – it’s used in the making of sheets that improve your sleep quality. This type of bedding is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin, as it’s antibacterial, breathable, moisture-wicking, and it keeps you cool during superbly warm nights.

Eucalyptus helps keep all kinds of pollutants and irritants at bay, protecting your respiratory health, as well. Last but not least, sheets made of TENCEL lyocell derived from eucalyptus are eco-friendly, further strengthening your bond to nature and allowing you to respect the environment. The bottom line is, you’ll get the full experience of sleeping in a fresh, cool, clean environment with all the perks of sleeping indoors.

Bring comfort to the interior with natural rugs

Natural elements can be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also serve a purpose in your bedroom. A brilliant, yet simple way to add another layer of comfort in your bedroom is to add some outdoor rugs made of PET materials to match your interior, as well. These so-called indoor-outdoor rugs have a dual purpose and they can be moved around depending on where you need them most, but they complement any bedroom style seamlessly.

Made of recycled materials that are durable, yet stunning, such rugs will be low-maintenance and easy to clean at any time. Pick earthy, warm tones that won’t steal the spotlight, but that will create the perfect, soothing ambiance in your bedroom both with texture and beauty. Make sure you opt for a rug that also feels good under your feet, and you’ll have precisely the right level of durability and comfort in every aspect of your bedroom design.

Air-purifying plants for your bedroom

A timeless bedroom design trend that is both visually appealing and purpose-driven, bringing greenery into the bedroom has always been a popular choice for nature lovers everywhere. With the right plants in your sleeping nook, no matter how small or spacious it might be, you can take advantage of the many perks plants can bring to your bedroom. They are ideal for keeping your air clean and free of pollutants and allergens, they add that calming emerald sheen to your décor, and they complement any design approach you choose.

Ideally, go for low-light and low-maintenance plants that will keep the interior looking fresh and fragrant, without overburdening your own schedule. After all, you’re not supposed to stress in your own bedroom, but rather maintain that serene mindset, which is perfectly achieved with the right plants.

Make small adjustments when the seasons change


Especially if you live in a region where each season brings noticeable changes, you can transform your room accordingly to always have your own little oasis of peace and beauty. Seasonal décor changes don’t have to be burdensome on your budget or your time.

In fact, it’s best to keep it simple and straightforward by focusing on a variety of hues, fragrances, and texture. For example, as the cool season kicks in, you can add a few throw pillows and blankets made of natural fabrics and in warm, pastel tones. Heavier curtains and fluffier rugs contribute to that look and feel, too. With summer rolling in, you can switch to airy, lighter curtains, but also opt for cooler tones for your pillows and rugs.

Banish stress with warm, earthy tones

Keep in mind: earthy tones in your bedroom palette are by no means limited to a particular décor direction. In fact, they are the most versatile bunch, as they work well with retro, romantic, contemporary, and minimalist interior design with no hassle at all. Whether you want your bedroom to look and feel like an enchanted forest or like a coastal bungalow, earthy tones can achieve both.

Your bedside table can be made out of earthy-colored wood, like the light ash or the slightly darker mahogany and rosewood. If you have hardwood floors and grey-ish walls, you have the perfect backdrop for mixing and matching warmer and cooler colors in your furniture and accents. Cool lavender and emerald green can bring that balance to your earthy bedroom in an instant

Over to you

It’s too easy to get lost in the sea of options when it comes to decorating your bedroom with nature in mind. Let this little guide help you choose the right direction and stick to both purposeful and aesthetic décor opportunities that will help you make the most of your little sleeping haven.

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