It's not everyday that you get called the The Beyoncé of bed accessories - so when it happens, naturally we were very excited about it! And if that wasn't compliment enough, So Yummy has deemed our sheets to be even better than a grilled cheese sandwich. We can't think of a higher compliment than that! (For a life hack, we suggest trying grilled cheese sandwiches while in bed - double your enjoyment).

Thank you So Yummy for featuring us! You can read more of the article linked here, or see below for the feature.

These Bedsheets Are Better Than A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

January 21, 2019

There are a couple things in life that are better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Discovering you’ve inherited 20 million dollars from an aunt you’ve never met is one (this hasn’t happened to me yet), and a full eight hours of sleep (also hasn’t happened to me in awhile) are the two I can think of off the top of my head. What more could compete with a buttery, crispy grilled cheese sammie?

While I won’t be mega-rich anytime soon, I probably can achieve a full night’s rest…with some help. Enter Eucalypso sheets, the crème de la crème of sheets. The Beyoncé of bed accessories. These sheets are the best bed accessories; they are made of Tencel lyocell from organic eucalyptus trees, are soft and stay cool no matter what. On Eucalypso’s website, they accurately describe the sheets as the “lovechild between silk and cotton,” a fabric that is neither slippery, nor dense. It’s just right.

The first time I used them (pro-tip: wash them first — the more you wash them, the softer they get!) I fell asleep within minutes, which is rare for me. I have a whole bedtime schedule prepared: 15 minutes of face masking while I drink a relaxing tea, and at least 30 minutes of reading – no phones or laptops allowed. I fell asleep with my face mask on, mug half empty. The sheets felt so soft, so comforting, and cool against my skin, it felt like I was cocooned in one giant kitten ear. I woke up eight and a half (!!!!) hours later feeling completely and utterly recharged.

The cool thing about these sheets, is that you don’t have to compromise. You can have the most wonderful rest in your life and your grilled cheese, too. Eating a grilled cheese sandwich (or any kind of food) in bed = the best kind of grownup luxury.

Get your own here, started at $129.

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