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Article: The Root of Eucalyptus Bedding

The Root of Eucalyptus Bedding

The Root of Eucalyptus Bedding

There once was a girl who loved to nap…

While I absolutely love the benefits of a good night’s sleep, what I don’t love are some of the things that come with snoozing, like scratchy sheets and night sweats - no thank you! What I dislike even more are the damaging effects of producing some of the more traditional forms of bedding on our environment.  

Like a lot of people, I suffered through traditional cotton bedsheets for most of my life. My mother would show up first at my childhood bedroom, then college dorm, and finally my New York apartment with a new set of cotton bedding, reminding me to change my sheets with consistency. That is to say, we had no shortage of cotton bedding. Yet I found that with my cotton sheets, I would often wake up in the middle of the night, especially in cruel New York summer, covered in sweat - even with my AC on full blast. Furthermore, my cotton bedding was tough and often times harsh on my extremely sensitive skin. If I was paying hundreds of dollars on hypoallergenic makeup and luxury facial cleansers, why couldn't I find sheets out there that would also take care of my skin? I didn't know what to do; after all, I thought cotton was the only bedding option out there. 

“You need a higher thread count,” people would often recommend me. So I upgraded my bedding, first by thread count, then by cotton type - Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton, I tried it all. Nothing was helping. I looked further into what was causing all my issues and discovered that cotton bedding is prone to harboring breakout-causing bacteria in its fibers and causing night sweats in a large population of sleepers. After that, I went on an in-depth search of the damaging effects of cotton linens on the environment. This research further revealed how harmful cotton is to the environment (it is one of the world’s dirtiest and thirstiest crops). Our company story started when I decided to produce an alternative – a fabric that would be gentle on my skin and kind to our Earth.
Down the yellow brick road…to AustriaAfter countless rounds of designing, redesigning, sampling diverse fabrics around the world, and learning from industry experts, my path led me to Lenzing Group, based out of Austria.

Lenzing prioritizes high quality and environmental soundness in everything they do. What really set them apart is their focus on creating fabrics that were not only incredibly well made, but also scientifically proven to work through rounds of research, development, and testing. The fact that their production methods focused on protecting the earth and following environmental standards completely sealed the deal for me.

Lenzing’s developed a new fabric technology called Tencel® lyocell made from eucalyptus fibers, which is what we used to create our sheets. It's incredibly well made and developed with the highest standards in luxury bedding. I knew as soon as I felt the silky soft eucalyptus fiber bedding that this was exactly what I was looking for. The fabric was super cool and gentle on my skin, it felt like I was running my hands through the bedding equivalent of water. I couldn’t help but want to dive head first into the bed.
The beginning of something beautiful…

Where cotton was dry to the touch, our sheets feel breezy and light. It is naturally gentle on your skin and exquisitely soft, all the properties that makes for a good night's sleep.
Even better yet, our eucalyptus sheets have been tested to enhance the quality of sleep as well. Its benefits are endless – in fact, you can read about them here. The Tencel® sheets are ultra soft and hypoallergenic, so it is perfectly gentle on sensitive skin. The quality of the fibers minimize the breeding of bacteria so it doesn’t cause breakouts on the skin. Eucalyptus sheets are also super breezy and naturally temperature regulating, wicking moisture away from the body so you can stay cool and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep.
As if that’s not dreamy enough, our Tencel® bedding is also super sustainable and kind to the earth, which was exactly what I had set out to do when I started my journey. Our product is No-Waste, so we reuse and recycle 99% of water, solvent, and fibers that go into the making of the product. Unlike most other fabrics, like cotton, bamboo, and synthetic polyester, which uses harmful chemicals that pollute our air and water, our eucalyptus bedding only uses one organic solvent that is 100% recyclable and ultra gentle on the earth.
To further keep up with the spirit of sustainability, we only make our sheets in small batches due to sustainable harvesting practices. Each sheet is make with a lot of love, since we harvest the eucalyptus fibers in small quantities in order to allow for successful rooting of eucalyptus plants year after year. To learn more, you can read more about safe earth practices here.
The dreamiest night of sleep yet.

I am so proud of the final product, because it is everything I had dreamt of and even more. It has qualities of all the things that I care about for a great night’s sleep – softness, comfort, gentle, breezy, and kind to the skin. What more, we can all sleep better at night knowing how wonderful Eucalypso sheets are for the environment.
We all know the traditional fairy taIes, in which the sleeping princess gets awoken after a long slumber...In this fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty is so comfortable in bed that even after the prince’s magical kiss, she asks “5 more minutes, can’t you see how cozy I am in my Eucalypso bedding??”
And that is the kind of happily ever after we can all dream of…

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