Sleep so good...even the Podcasts are talking about it!

Here at Eucalypso, we absolutely love podcasts. It's no secret that we are constantly listening to podcasts; whether we are commuting to work in the morning or doing the weekly grocery run at Whole Foods, we always have a good podcast on. It's a wonderful way of staying in tune with current events, learning more about your favorite topic, or getting deep into an interesting story.

We had a few people reach out about hearing Eucalypso bedding reviewed in their favorite podcasts over the past few weeks! Naturally, we were ecstatic and downloaded the episodes right away.

From wellness to mental health to murder, the variety on these podcasts were far ranging; however, the one thing they all had in common was their love for our silky soft eucalyptus Tencel sheets! The podcasts are interesting, insightful, and engaging - we enjoyed their depth in covering the subject matter. It truly made our days when we were listening along to the story, and we heard snippets of how much the hosts love Eucalypso!

Here's a weekly roundup of some of our favorite podcasts. Want to hear their personal reviews on Eucalypso bedding? Give it a listen!


Selfie podcast featuring Eucalypso organic eucalyptus sheets

Let's talk self-care. Sarah James, a lifestyle blogger and self-help aficionado, is joined by bestie Kristen Howerton, a writer and psychotherapist, as they tackle the tricky and often elusive aspects of caring for ourselves. Their weekly conversations explore questions like: Why don’t I eat the way I should? How do I get enough sleep? What aspects of my personality make self-care tricky? And what’s the best way to deal with pubic hair? From the silly to the serious, Kristen and Sarah are taking a vulnerable and often humorous look at body, mind and spirit . . . and maybe a touch of the random, all while looking at the distractions and defenses that keep us from caring for ourselves like we should.

We absolutely loved the Selfie podcast and hearing Sarah and Kristen talk about their daily struggles, from health to wellness to taking care of a new puppy. This podcast is hilarious, and listening to their banter makes us feel like we are best friends with them! 

Moms & Murder

Moms and Murder podcast covers Eucalypso organic bedding

Moms and Murder is a true crime podcast hosted by Mandy and Melissa, two friends who deep dive into a new case each week. Conversational in tone and heavy on the levity, you’ll enjoy their original takes on both the well-known, and those lesser heard of true crime stories.

- We love a good crime story, and we seem to get enough of these Moms and Murder episodes with Mandy and Melissa! We ended up binge listening to an entire season of these murder podcast, and are still eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes. Mandy and Melissa are great to listen to - they are entertaining and hilarious, while providing a very detailed account of the murder cases. This is one of our favorite podcasts, and we can't wait to hear more!

Let's Talk About It

Let's talk about it with Taylor Nolan loves Eucalypso bedding

On the Let’s Talk About I‎t podcast, Taylor Nolan gets candid with various celebrity guests and experts. The podcast focuses on mental health, relationships, and personal development. Taylor's unique perspective comes from her studies in psychology and counseling, as well as her time spent on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise reality TV shows. Join Taylor each week, and let's talk about it. 

- We've been a big fan of Taylor Nolan since her Bachelor days, so we were super excited when we heard that Taylor was releasing a podcast talking about mental health. We knew that this Bachelor alum has a background in psychology and counseling, and it really comes through in her podcasts. She brings celebrities and other Bachelor alums on to the show, and interviews them in a way that is sincere and insightful.

The Simple Sophisticate

The Simple Sophisticate Podcast featuring Eucalypso

The simple sophisticate is someone who prefers quality over quantity, sensible living over mindless consumption, personal style instead of trendy fashions, has an insatiable curiosity for life’s endless questions and a desire to live a truly fulfilling life rather than being led around by the nose. Inspired by her lifestyle blog The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables (the original Simple Sophisticate) shares with listeners tips on how to live a refined life on an everyday income. From achieving your goals, preparing a memorable meal, creating a capsule wardrobe, traveling the world (Francophiles tune in as Paris is a favorite destination), and living life to the fullest without breaking the bank, living well is really quite simple.

From elegant home decor to living a more fulfilling life, we love listening to Shannon's tips and advice. She has great insights about living a more refined life, and shares very realistic goals. We found this podcast to be a very easy listen, whether you are doing the dishes or running errands. It's a quick and simple way to improve your life a little everyday. 

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