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LuxeLock Corner Straps

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LuxeLock Corner Straps
LuxeLock Corner Straps Sale price$10.00

Soft & Cool with DreamWeave™

Eucalypso bedding is celebrated for its innate softness and smooth texture. Our sheets are treated with our propriety DreamWeave™ technology, created for the ultimate sleep comfort - it is noticeably soft and cool to the touch.

Temperature Regulating For All Seasons

Eucalypso sheets are expertly designed to supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, helping keep your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the night, so you can experience a restful and comfortable slumber.

A Beauty Sleep Secret

Eucalypso helps pamper the skin as you sleep by providing a gentle, soothing touch. TENCEL Lyocell fibers exhibit a smooth surface area, giving fabrics a soft feel and helping provide comfort for sensitive skin.

Eucalypso in Real Homes

"These sheets are my secret to waking up refreshed with glowing skin – they're like a spa treatment for my skin every night."

"Eucalypso sheets have spoiled me with their cool-to-the-touch feel, and my skin thanks me every morning."

"These sheets are a total game-changer – they've banished night sweats, left my skin glowing, and they're incredibly soft."

"The cooling sensation of Eucalypso sheets is an absolute lifesaver for hot sleepers – it's like sleeping in a cloud."

"I can't get over how soft and gentle Eucalypso sheets are on my skin, and the bonus is my complexion has never looked better."

"I'm obsessed with how silky smooth these sheets are, they are truly so luxurious to sleep in."

"I've tried countless sheets, but Eucalypso's cooling effect is unmatched, and my beauty sleep is now truly beautiful."


Discover Eucalypso Dreamspaces

Based on 3742 reviews

This sleep mask is so silky smooth and cozy. You NEED one!!!

These sheets are not only fantasticly soft but they stay clean and fresh smelling longer than normal ones! 10/10

Best sheets ever

I am in love with Tencel. This is my second set but first from Eucalypso which I am favoring greatly. Perfect weight, feel, and excited for the extra width! Will be ordering again. :-)

Eucalypso Dream Comforter
Andria Litchfield
Breathable and soft

Exactly what I was looking for as a hot sleeper

Great mask

This sleep mask is soft and comfortable and works 100% to block light

Love these!

The sheets always feel cool, but not cold.

Eucalypso Pillowcase Set
Francesca Dixson
Eucalypso pillow cases and sleep mask

I went out of town for the weekend and forgot my bonnet and was SO glad I had this pillow case set. I slept like a baby and my skin and hair were so happy when I woke up. The color is perfect for my bedroom too! Such a beautiful product, I will definitely be telling my friends and family about them!! ❤️

We love these sheets. I am going to order another set in a different color.


You don’t think of how much a good pair of sheets can help your sleep. My boyfriend said it was like sleeping on a cloud and he woke up feeling great! Love it. I think it is worth the investment

They’re perfect!!

Amazing quality!!!!

I bought this for my youngest daughter who not only has allergies but severe asthma. We loved the allergen free qualities a the texture is heavenly. I haven’t seen her sleep so soundly ever!

I love the feel of these sheets!

Cloud 9

Both the sheets and color (dew green) are so soft! Love them!


The Eucalypso Duvet Cover is exactly as described. It is purely elegant and drapes smoothly over the bed while becoming softer with each wash. It is by the best bedding purchase I have made!

A little more golden than in the picture but still so pretty and soft!

These are such a beautiful color exactly like the picture and so comfortable! I love them!

I’m impressed

This is definitely a luxury purchase. The quality + feel. I’m looking forward to next level sleep. I’m impressed but it wasn’t perfect. I was bummed about getting the wrong color (mistake on my end)and loose threads on one of the pillowcases. It’s worth a try with a discount. The feel is incredible.

The dreamiest sleep mask!

I cant rave enough about how silky soft this sleep mask is! I have difficulty sleeping with lights on and having a toddler sleeping with me requires lights on. An answered prayer to my sleepless nights🤍🙏🏼

I like them

they definitely keep you cooler at night. i love the color too. threading is kind of low so as soon as my cat got on the bed thread pieces were pulled up easily. still very comfortable though.


This is my second duvet cover from Eucalypso. They are the silkiest and softest of any other duvet cover I have owned. They are worth it!

Not helpful

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set
Gabrielle Frizzell

10/10, best sheets I ever owned! Can’t live without now!

Just OK, disappointing for the price

I was so excited to purchase this set. I got the comforter, sheets, duvet cover. Everything was packaged beautifully and it was a plus to not have to wash the sheets prior. Felt super silky and cooling. I washed the sheets per the directions. Already pilling after one wash and they feel lousy like any other sheet set. Extremely disappointing and would not purchase again

Soft and temperature regulating

I bought these after many nights waking up sweaty. The Eucalypso sheets are incredibly soft and help me stay cooler through the night (I still get warm but not sweaty). I only wish there was a greater range of colors!

Super soft

The sheets are super soft and silky. I’m a sheet snob, so it was important to me to get a nice pair.

Make sure you follow the washing instructions or they do get really wrinkly. I’ve dried on regular a few times but thankfully the sheets have held up despite my poor washing etiquette with them.

I love that they have anti-slip bands that I can put on the end of the mattress so the sheets stay secure.

The sheets are silky and oh so dreamy, I just bought my second set and a duvet color to go with.

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