Experiencing hot flashes? TENCEL sheets can help.

Experiencing hot flashes? TENCE sheets can help.

Let’s talk HOT FLASHES, and not the good kind…

Author Britney Guo / Published: Jun-13-2022

As a female-founded company, we want to make sure we are both empowering women, and making them feel seen. That’s why we want to talk about something a little more intimate and “taboo” (as considered by society): menopause.

That’s right, menopause, and more specifically perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

This article is written for you, or if menopause doesn’t apply to you, then for the women in your life who might be facing menopause soon-- your mom, a favorite aunt, maybe your older sister, or even your manager at work. Keep reading to find out what menopause is, its symptoms, and how Eucalypso can actively support women facing menopause.

Point blank: What is menopause?

Oftentimes, we hear menopause and we think it’s a one-and-done thing. However, natural menopause is actually experienced through the three stages of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. The hot flashes that we tend to associate with menopause are actually a symptom of perimenopause, the period of time before true menopause that also happens to last the longest of the three stages.

On average, women begin to experience perimenopause as they enter their 40s and the body naturally begins to produce less estrogen. This first stage, perimenopause, often lasts between three to four years, and it is when women tend to experience the worst of their perimenopausal symptoms. Menopause is actually the point in time 12 months after the last period. After menopause, the symptoms from perimenopause continue to carry over and can continue on average for four to five more years. Luckily, they are also known to decrease in frequency and intensity. In total, ‘menopause’ is an experience with symptoms that can last on average for 8 to 10 years.

Tell me more: Hot flashes?

The most common and prevalent symptom associated with the menopausal transition period is hot flashes. About 8 in 10 women will experience hot flashes by the end of postmenopause.

So what exactly is a hot flash? A hot flash is that sudden rush of heat in your face and upper body, lasting seconds or minutes or longer. The frequency, duration, and intensity of hot flashes will vary between women and can occur either several times a day, a few times a month, or anything in between. Hot flashes can be annoying to deal with in the day but are also the culprits to trouble sleeping during menopause. Hot flashes during sleep unapologetically cause night sweats which can wake you and induce insomnia, leading to feelings of exhaustion the next morning.

Note these are just the most commonly occurring symptoms, a more comprehensive list can be found here.

Caution: Hot flashes and Night sweats

A couple of momentary hot flashes here and there may not seem like a big deal when you’re just reading about them, but trust us when we say that they can come at the worst of times. Like when you’re presenting at work, and a sudden flash hits you -- making your face tomato red, and you just all-around don’t feel comfortable in your own body. What’s worse is how these unforgiving hot flashes follow you back home and into your bedroom to continue causing discomfort through the night. No morning is going to feel good when you’ve been tossing and turning in bed because the sheets are just too thick and trapping in all the sweat and heat from the hot flashes turned night sweats.

The 411: How Eucalypso remedies


Menopause and its symptoms can last nearly a decade for women, so the important money-winning question is then: how do I remedy my hot flashes and terrible night sweats?

To help with the restless nights, set up a comfortable, and cool environmental for optimal sleeping conditions. Get bedding that’s understanding of this new found battle with hot flashes and night sweats. In other words, bedding that is going to keep you cool and dry so you can keep getting that well-deserved shut-eye.

At Eucalypso, we designed our TENCEL™ lyocell sheets specifically for hot sleepers who struggle with night sweats and hot nights. Our sheets are made from 100% TENCEL™ lyocell, produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood like eucalyptus.

The traditional set of cotton sheets plaguing our homes amplify hot flashes. Heat rises, so bedding becomes super important when you’re looking for cool nights. When we’re sleeping, we want the accumulated heat to escape somewhere, however, cotton is woven in a way that traps heat and bacteria. This is what leads to night sweats and dirty, smelly sheets. Luckily, Eucalypso’s sheets are cool to the touch and 3x more breathable than regular cotton sheets nights. On top of all that, Eucalypso sheets are also antibacterial and antifungal. This means a lot when nights are a little bit warmer and sweatier than usual, menopause definitely does not need to cause any additional acne or bacne. Trust that you’re going to need a quality set of temperature regulating sheets to get through the menopausal years, and if you’re wondering about other cooling sheets, check out this article comparing the two best kinds of cooling sheets: linen and eucalyptus.

We want to eliminate the sweaty and sticky mornings that leave us feeling like we need a cold shower and 3 espresso shots just to get through the morning. With Eucalypso, look forward to waking up refreshed every morning after a long and unbothered sleep the night before.

Eucalypso: Here for our women

Menopause unfortunately tends to start during a time in a woman’s life which is already full of other transitions beyond the body. These transitions can extend from beginning to care for aging parents, supporting growing children, or a well-earned promotion that comes with more responsibilities. In the day to day, you’re juggling whatever life manages to throw at you, so why wouldn’t you deserve to give yourself better nights when you have a little more time to yourself?

You're busy juggling what life throws at you in the day to day, so why wouldn't you deserve to give yourself better nights-- the time most for yourself. We hate that we can’t share the burdens of daily life with you, but we designed our Eucalypso sheets to help turn those restless nights into the best nights. And it might sound too good to be true when we say that our TENCEL lyocell sheets naturally stay clean but it means a little less time spent on laundering bedding--and a little more time to relax.

Why Eucalypso: Keeping it sustainable

It might not feel like there’s much to feel good about during this time, but there is one thing we can guarantee, and that’s feeling good in and about our temperature regulating sheets. Eucalypso sheets are TENCEL™ certified, making our sheets one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world. We also take the extra precaution to create all our sheets in small batches to prevent environmental degradation, and protect our sustainable wood forest.

In hand with environmental sustainability, we also make it our mission to actively make a positive global impact. We partner with our manufacturing facilities to help improve workers’ lives as they are part of the Eucalypso family. Our partners uphold four pillars of corporate social responsibility initiatives: a health clinic, equal opportunity hiring, female empowerment, and adult literacy. Expanding on female empowerment, we provide women workers with management training, and then give them the opportunity to take leadership roles in the factory. To help create a worry-free environment, we have daycare centers for women with children so that they feel like they have the option to have extra hours to do something for themselves like attend the facility’s adult literacy school.

We take caring for our Eucalypso family very seriously, whether it’s someone from the manufacturing facility or a new Eucalypso user, it’s super important that everyone feels seen. We’re doing our best and putting in the hours to make sure you have the best remedy sheet for hot flashes and night sweats, and also guaranteeing we aren’t doing so at the expense of others or the environment.

Love, Eucalypso

Menopause is unfortunately a long-term process that can’t be relieved with a cold tea, instead, you’re going to want to invest in a set of cooling sheets that will outlast your symptoms. Remember, menopause is a natural, normal part of maturing as a woman, and we at Eucalypso want to make sure all women are prepared for what menopause may entail for them. Life isn’t so much different after menopause so let’s get through the thick and thin together. Join our Eucalypso family!

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