Haibun From a Summer Sleeper

July 24th, 2020 Haibun from a Summer Sleeper   When I go to sleep in the summer, I wake up with sweat sticking to my face and hair. Acne comes, too. I try to get rid of it. I put my hair up. I sleep on my back. I use the air conditioner. Nothing helps. My cotton pillowcase doesn’t seem to help, either. It just traps the icky sweat and breeds more acne. I feel like I’m weathering a storm of some sort, and wonder when it will end.   Morning. The mirror. My skin has not cleared up yet....

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Unwind With...Taylor Taverna

Travel Influencer based out of NYC with a travel packed itinerary, Taylor Taverna is always on the go. She is also the founder of Taverna Travels, a travel company offering personalized travel plans. We recently caught up with Taylor to get a sense of what is inspiring her lately and also see how she's styling her Eucalypso products!
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6 Steps to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

At Eucalypso, we feel one of the best compliments to a great night’s rest is a delicious, silky-smooth cup of coffee the next morning. From buying the best organic coffee beans and coffee makers to discovering hidden tricks throughout the process (like adding spices!), we are here with the brewing techniques you need to make the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home.
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How Eucalypso Helps Make a Positive Global Impact

7 June, 12:00 How Eucalypso Helps Make a Positive Global Impact Published by Danielle Ranucci   At Eucalypso, we are committed to making a positive social impact and improving peoples’ lives. We thought we would tell you a bit about our efforts to work towards a better future.   Every month, we donate a portion of our profit to charities, from environmental and sustainability funds to health and social justice funds. We believe that this helps promote good causes and contributes to finding solutions to important challenges facing us today. In addition to trying to make a positive change through...

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12 Reasons I Love Dad

This father's day, we want to thank all the dads out there for everything they do. Our Eucalypso team compiled 12 reasons why we are thankful for our dads this Father's Day, and hope he get a lot of sleep.
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